Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Piece of the Puzzle

Hello little man!  I'm here to bring you some fantastic news!  YOU GOT YOUR VERY FIRST ANGEL TREE DONATION!   People that read this letter are going to think I'm absolutely insane, but seriously.  I got so excited to see that $20 in your YouCaring account, right before I went to bed last night.   I had been praying that God would bring someone along that would donate that first amount of money to your Angel Tree fundraiser.   Something that showed me I could actually do this.  That I can really raise a thousand dollars for you.   I refused to fall into discouragement and about an hour later I see that someone that loves and cares for you has donated twenty dollars.  They bought a piece of your puzzle.  They bought THE FIRST piece.   What a special, wonderful present for you and me both.  

I was gone all day but shortly after I got home I wrote sweet Melissa T.'s name on a piece of your puzzle.      

Melissa, thank you so much for this donation.  I don't know if I can describe my appreciation using words.  ((Hugs)) From me and Mick. :)

Mick we only have $980 to go!  I'm feeling so inspired and encouraged  by this little gift to you.  I don't if people realize what their love and kindness can make another person feel.  It's contagious really.   I am beyond grateful for this and for the chance that I have to be your Angel Tree Warrior this year.  

I love you tons and will be praying for you. Can't wait for you to get this puzzle one day...



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