Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why I Write Letters to Mick...

I don't think I've ever wrote a post on here to the public.  I've only wrote letters to Mick.  Which if you've been reading those letters you may think I'm an absolute crazy lady but there is a reason behind me writing letters to a 3 year old orphan that doesn't know know my language and can't even read them even if he could, simply because the orphanage doesn't allow letters and packages to orphans.  I write letters to little Mick because I'm confident that one day his forever family will find him and come to his rescue.  I will then print out the letters and send them to Mick's family for them to save for him to read when he is old enough.  I want him realize that someone loved him when he thought no one did.  I want him to know that someone cared and thought about him.  Because I do.  I think of him constantly and not in a obsessed way either.  I genuinely care about this little boy.  I know that he can't read what I write to him, he can't know how much I think of him and how I love him.  He has no one, no one really cares for him where he's at.  If he gets transferred out of the baby house he'll be put in an ADULT MENTAL INSTITUTION where most children don't make it out.   I don't want that to happen.  It can't happen!  I refuse to give up on this little boy.  When I look at his photos I see how much potential he has.  I know he is a child that would just adore having plenty of attention and being played with.  He is SO sweet.  He's sad little face in his photo is what keeps people from considering adopting him but that's exactly how the last child I was a warrior for.  His profile picture made him look like an angry grumpy child but he isn't that way at all. A video was posted of the orphanage and the little boy was in that video, seen playing and giggling like crazy.    
I feel that that is the way "my" little man Mick is.  He's a happy little guy.  And I know that there is a perfect family out there for him.

I just wanted to briefly explain why I write letters to Mick.  I hope that it makes a little more sense to you now.  :)

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Please pray for Mick and that God will protect and comfort him.  And pray that God will bring his forever family to find him soon.

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