Friday, September 13, 2013

I Wish

Hey sweet boy! I wonder how you are doing. Where are you?   How do you feel?  Is anyone at all giving you the attention you need?  So many questions I wish I had the answers to.  I wish I was there with you, giving you all the love and attention you could ever possibly imagine having.  I want to be the love you've never known or felt before.  Sadly I cannot.  That doesn't mean I give up there.  No, the story doesn't end here, I keep writing it as I write you these letters and pray daily for you.  I pray for your future forever family, I pray that they'll find you soon.  I know God's timing is the perfect timing and I know he made  you for a special purpose!  When I look at you I see your fullest potential.  I see everything God made you to be.  A precious little extra special boy, a picture perfect son for a family.

You remind me so much of my baby brother, Andrew.  He's two years old, chubby as could be, and oh so lovable.  I can see you two being best buddies. You both hold very special places in my heart.  I can give Andrew all the love I have to offer, I can teach him, play with him, cuddle and make him giggle but sadly, I can't do those things with you.  I wish someone could.  I just wish I knew that someone was taking good care of you.   You deserve so much more than what you've been given baby boy.  No human deserves to be locked away and wasted in a crib.  No one deserves that, but especially sweet little boys like you.     I know that there is a special family out there for you and I will stop at nothing to find them.  They'll come for you and they will rescue!  Until then I will pray and pray my hardest and try my hardest to play my part in your life and spread your name to all the people I can!  You won't be there much longer. <3

Jesus loves you Mick boy.  And I love you.  Forever and always.  You're a diamond in the rough but hold tight!  You'll make it!    I promise.  <3

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