Friday, December 13, 2013

$19 AWAY FROM $500

Oh my goodness!  This is so exciting to write!  I can't even believe I can write this today!! 

Mick is only $19 away from reaching $500 in Angel Tree!!!!!!!!!

$19!!! Can you even believe it?!  My God is such an amazing God!! He's blessed me in more ways than I can imagine in this journey in raising money for Mick.

My personal goal for Angel Tree is $500 and knowing I'm so close is just the most  incredible feeling!  Praise The Lord! Is almost all I can say!! 

I will update as soon as we reach $500! 



Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gorgeous Headbands

Look at this adorable new look on the blog!  I know it's random right now, but just wait!  It all will make perfect sense!  Excuse the fonts and all, I haven't had the chance to change everything to match it yet. 

Here we are just $15 days until Christmas  ! Basically 2 weeks.  And you need presents!  Well if you donate $15 to Mick you can pick one of these georgeous headbands!    Donated by Baby & Kids Boutique.  

I only have these two! So you better move fast if you want one!  

Email, Facebook message or comment if you are interest in getting one! :) 

They're so unique! You really won't find another.  They're perfect little presents too.   

And just a little update, Mick is currently at $441!!!!!! So close to $500!! 

Friday, December 6, 2013

$405 & Happier Than Ever!

Dear Mick,

I haven't wrote you in a while.  I've wrote on the blog, but not to you.   That certainly doesn't mean I haven't thought of you.  There honestly hasn't been a day where you haven't been on my mind MOST of the day.  I just keep thinking about you, constantly.  I think about what you're doing, if you are hungry, if you are happy or sad.  If anyone has taken the time out of their day to just sit and hold you in their arms and tell you how incredibly special and wonderful you are.  As I write this I tear up just thinking of anyone lucky enough to have a chance to do just that to you.   Hold you and love you.  It's something that I've wanted since I put my eyes on your precious face.    Mick baby, I love you as much as someone could love someone.  I would do anything for you.  I would give up anything just to see you have forever family that could give you everything you've always deserved.  
You don't know this, because I doubt anyone has ever told you, but sweetie you are so beautiful.  You are worth so much more than you've ever known.  You have a purpose that only you can fulfill.   You're gonna change someones life.  I know this because you have changed mine so much.   I never knew I could love someone I've never met this much.   You have a piece of my heart and I dream of the day I will be able to carry you in my arms and give you the hug and kisses you've never had, but always deserved.
I don't know where your mommy is, and I don't know how she was ever able to give you away, but I wish I could talk to her for just a few brief moments.  I want to tell her thank you.  I want to tell her thank you for giving you the chance to have someone wonderful find you, instead of choosing to abort you like millions of other children are/have been.   I know your life is nothing wonderful, but this led you to me and I will stay faithfully committed to you until the day your family has set foot on American soil with you in their arms.
I'm so grateful that I have this chance to help you.

Look at me, I got completely off track.  (If you've read past letters you already know I ramble off so easily, ha ha)  My main reason for getting online and writing a letter to you was to tell you that, baby you are currently at $405 in Angel Tree!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh!!!!  I couldn't even believe my eyes when I saw the amount!  And I said it out loud and I still couldn't believe it!   Honestly, writing this I am still in shock!  This is the most incredible thing!  You're getting so CLOSE to $500 which is halfway there!!

It's 18 days until Christmas and I'm trusting in God to send us exactly what you need.
He is an AWESOME and ALMIGHTY God and he has NEVER failed me.  He is faithful and I will continue to pray for you, your safety and health and that He's wrapping his unfailing arms around you everyday, comforting you in all your times of need.  

I haven't stopped smiling since I saw the amount on your Reece's Rainbow page!  Not much could make me feel happier.  UNLESS, you found a forever family for Christmas!  If that happens I think I might seriously die of joyfulness!  No kidding!!

I love you sweet baby boy.  Keep your head held high, because God loves you and with His grace and love I will rescue you. <3

Thank you for reading this letter to Mick, one day I will print these letters out and send them to him when he's found his forever family.   If you would like to make a donation to his Angel Tree please visit the link below, we just need $95 MORE TIL WE REACH $500!! <3 


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giving Today

Today is is Giving Tuesday after a difficult fundraising week I am trying my hardest to not fall into discouragement.   I know that God has already set the exact amount of money that I will raise for Mick this Angel Tree season.  And if $325 is that amount, I will be happy and overjoyed just to have that.  But knowing that I still have 22 days left to try my hardest makes me refuse to give up.

I have an app that allows me to look at different webcams across the world, and one early morning at 2 a.m. I stumbled across the webcam in Ukraine.  The country that "my" dearest little man Mick is located in.  And while it was pitch dark here in the US at that time, the sun was just rising there.   It was heartbreaking to watch.  The morning itself was beautiful.  Here I was getting ready to fall asleep in my warm and cozy bed.  Inside my comfy heated house.  I wondered about Mick.  There inside those orphanage doors his day just beginning. Another day stuck inside those walls, cold, dark and dreary. He knows no different though.  Sad, but true that his day of no fun, no love, no laughter, no enjoyment or pleasure of any kind is the definition of a  "normal" day for him.  He waits day in and day out for that moment when the nannies bring him a photograph of his future forever family.  He watches the only family he's ever known leave with their forever families. And still he wonders..where are his?  Where is the mother that scoops him up into her loving and welcoming arms, kissing his cheeks passionately? Where is the father that plays with him and makes him giggle?  Where are those wonderful people that are suppose to rescue him from that dreadful orphanage? He waits and wonders.  He may not understand it all fully, but I'm positive he feels a feeling of loneliness and sadness when he watches other children say goodbye to the place that no child should ever have to live in.   

On this giving Tuesday, I hope that you will consider making a donation of any amount into Mick's adoption grant/Angel Tree.   Go look through my blog and see ways you can get things free for donating.  There are many.  (

Here's the link to donate: 

My intention wasn't to make this a sad post, but when I discuss Mick living unloved in an orphanage there really isn't another title to put on the topic other than sad.  It makes me extremely sad to know that he will be alone this Christmas again. His 3rd Christmas, and never ever celebrated it.  It's unreal and heartbreaking.    

Thank you for reading this short little post. I appreciate it! And thank you so incredibly much for donating! I can't even find words to begin to say how grateful I am for all donations to him. :) 

Please comment if you donate! You don't have to, but I would love to hear from you.  I'd to personally thank you. <3 

Thank you so much.