Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gorgeous Headbands

Look at this adorable new look on the blog!  I know it's random right now, but just wait!  It all will make perfect sense!  Excuse the fonts and all, I haven't had the chance to change everything to match it yet. 

Here we are just $15 days until Christmas  ! Basically 2 weeks.  And you need presents!  Well if you donate $15 to Mick you can pick one of these georgeous headbands!    Donated by Baby & Kids Boutique.  

I only have these two! So you better move fast if you want one!  

Email, Facebook message or comment if you are interest in getting one! :) 

They're so unique! You really won't find another.  They're perfect little presents too.   

And just a little update, Mick is currently at $441!!!!!! So close to $500!! 

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