Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Piece of the Puzzle

Hello little man!  I'm here to bring you some fantastic news!  YOU GOT YOUR VERY FIRST ANGEL TREE DONATION!   People that read this letter are going to think I'm absolutely insane, but seriously.  I got so excited to see that $20 in your YouCaring account, right before I went to bed last night.   I had been praying that God would bring someone along that would donate that first amount of money to your Angel Tree fundraiser.   Something that showed me I could actually do this.  That I can really raise a thousand dollars for you.   I refused to fall into discouragement and about an hour later I see that someone that loves and cares for you has donated twenty dollars.  They bought a piece of your puzzle.  They bought THE FIRST piece.   What a special, wonderful present for you and me both.  

I was gone all day but shortly after I got home I wrote sweet Melissa T.'s name on a piece of your puzzle.      

Melissa, thank you so much for this donation.  I don't know if I can describe my appreciation using words.  ((Hugs)) From me and Mick. :)

Mick we only have $980 to go!  I'm feeling so inspired and encouraged  by this little gift to you.  I don't if people realize what their love and kindness can make another person feel.  It's contagious really.   I am beyond grateful for this and for the chance that I have to be your Angel Tree Warrior this year.  

I love you tons and will be praying for you. Can't wait for you to get this puzzle one day...



Saturday, September 21, 2013

First Keepsake Presents

Honestly, this is way overdue.  I've been Mick's prayer warrior for about 5 months and today is the day I start his special keepsake box.  

I make a keepsake box for each orphan I advocate for.  I see things that remind me of the child and I purchase them, knowing I can't send it to them automatically  I will be able to send it to them once they are adopted and home with their forever family.  It's special to the whole family when they discover that someone loved and thought about their little one before they found them.  

Though I've yet to find a cute box to begin the "keepsake box" I did find something that will kickoff the start of Mick;s keepsake box.  

When I spotted this book I knew I had to get it for my little man, Mick.  This book is so sweet!  It reminds me so much of him.  My incredible mom bought it for me.  She wants to help him the ways she can, which means the world to me. ( I'm incredible blessed to have such a great mom that supports me and wishes to help me bless these orphans.)   

I can picture Mick now and his future mommy reading the book to him, and him pointing out the giant colorful pictures.  My heart melts just thinking of that moment.  I pray that it will all come true soon,  

My sisters, mom and I are planning future fundraisers for Angel Tree, I am growing more excited for Mick.  I'm feeling so hopeful.  I know that God has big plans for Mick.  

I appreciate you reading, please pray for Mick.  It would mean a lot to me.  

Oh and don't forget about my last post about Mick;s puzzle fundraiser.  It's a very special way to get his fundraising started!  

Thank you! :) 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Piece of the Puzzle

I'm happy to introduce the very first Angel Tree fundraiser for Mick!  A puzzle fundraiser!!  There isn't a big fancy prize involved but there is something extra special that you will get out of donating to Mick's AT (Angel Tree, the donation box at the top right side bar.)   

Here's how the puzzle fundraisers work.  

I have a cute little 24 piece puzzle for Mick.  I'm going to put the puzzle into his keepsake box that I'm making for him.  I will one day give the keepsake box to Mick when he's home with his forever family.  

If you donate $5 to Mick's Angel Tree you are purchasing a piece of the puzzle.  What I mean by that is, you will comment on this post with your name and then I will write your name on the back of a piece of the puzzle.  Then Mick and his future family will always know who loved and cared about him before they came along.   

I absolutely LOVE these kinds of fundraisers.  They're so special!  I will be posting on the pieces of the puzzle with names of the generous people who have donated.    That way if you donate, you'll be able to see your piece.  :)  

How do I donate? 

There is a box labeled  "Wishes for Mick" , it's a YouCaring donation box.  The money will be saved into that account until after November the first.  That's when Reece's Rainbow (the site the orphans are listed and AT is held) begins counting donations to the $1,000 goal.   You can find the box at the top of the right side bar on this blog.  

Here's a couple pictures of the puzzle I've got for him. :)

A look at the whole puzzle. :) 

This photo is a little blurry looking, mostly because this side of the box is 3D, like the actual puzzle. I can't get over how cute the sea turtle is!! 

If you have any questions whatsoever just comment or email me and I'll respond back as soon as I can. :)  

I really do appreciate you taking time to read this and I am so extremely grateful  for any donations!  I'm praying so hard that He will help me reach the $1,000 goal for Mick's Angel Tree. :)  And in case you were wondering, the Angel Tree money goes into his adoption grant.  :)  

Thanks again! 


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Why I Write Letters to Mick...

I don't think I've ever wrote a post on here to the public.  I've only wrote letters to Mick.  Which if you've been reading those letters you may think I'm an absolute crazy lady but there is a reason behind me writing letters to a 3 year old orphan that doesn't know know my language and can't even read them even if he could, simply because the orphanage doesn't allow letters and packages to orphans.  I write letters to little Mick because I'm confident that one day his forever family will find him and come to his rescue.  I will then print out the letters and send them to Mick's family for them to save for him to read when he is old enough.  I want him realize that someone loved him when he thought no one did.  I want him to know that someone cared and thought about him.  Because I do.  I think of him constantly and not in a obsessed way either.  I genuinely care about this little boy.  I know that he can't read what I write to him, he can't know how much I think of him and how I love him.  He has no one, no one really cares for him where he's at.  If he gets transferred out of the baby house he'll be put in an ADULT MENTAL INSTITUTION where most children don't make it out.   I don't want that to happen.  It can't happen!  I refuse to give up on this little boy.  When I look at his photos I see how much potential he has.  I know he is a child that would just adore having plenty of attention and being played with.  He is SO sweet.  He's sad little face in his photo is what keeps people from considering adopting him but that's exactly how the last child I was a warrior for.  His profile picture made him look like an angry grumpy child but he isn't that way at all. A video was posted of the orphanage and the little boy was in that video, seen playing and giggling like crazy.    
I feel that that is the way "my" little man Mick is.  He's a happy little guy.  And I know that there is a perfect family out there for him.

I just wanted to briefly explain why I write letters to Mick.  I hope that it makes a little more sense to you now.  :)

Feel free to follow!

Please pray for Mick and that God will protect and comfort him.  And pray that God will bring his forever family to find him soon.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

It's Official!

Oh my goodness little man! It's official!! I got the email today confirming that I am officially your Angel Tree Warrior of 2013!!!  I am beyond excited to start this journey with you!! It makes me so happy to know that I have the amazing opportunity to bless you!  My family is helping me brainstorm for fundraising ideas!  And since my best friend Alyssa is Lark's official Angel Tree warrior we're going to be doing a few fundraisers together and spilt the amount equally.

The possibilities are endless!  Hopefully this will all go as planned! :) 

Stay strong little man, I'm praying for you daily and I love you so much. <3

Here's the email :) 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Reece's Rainbow AT: SIGNED UP

Mick darling!  Just thought you should know that I JUST SUBMITTED my email to become your very first Angel Tree WARRIOR!  And hopefully your last because I'm making my number one goal to find you a forever family by Christmas, and secondly I will try my very hardest to reach the $1,000 goal for your adoption grant!  I WILL NOT GIVE UP ON YOU baby!!

I'm waiting and going crazy to hear back, I want to know if this is official!!

I'll write another letter you to shorty... :)

Praying for you, and myself, that God will give me enough resources and strength to give you everything you need. <3 <3 <3

Friday, September 13, 2013

I Wish

Hey sweet boy! I wonder how you are doing. Where are you?   How do you feel?  Is anyone at all giving you the attention you need?  So many questions I wish I had the answers to.  I wish I was there with you, giving you all the love and attention you could ever possibly imagine having.  I want to be the love you've never known or felt before.  Sadly I cannot.  That doesn't mean I give up there.  No, the story doesn't end here, I keep writing it as I write you these letters and pray daily for you.  I pray for your future forever family, I pray that they'll find you soon.  I know God's timing is the perfect timing and I know he made  you for a special purpose!  When I look at you I see your fullest potential.  I see everything God made you to be.  A precious little extra special boy, a picture perfect son for a family.

You remind me so much of my baby brother, Andrew.  He's two years old, chubby as could be, and oh so lovable.  I can see you two being best buddies. You both hold very special places in my heart.  I can give Andrew all the love I have to offer, I can teach him, play with him, cuddle and make him giggle but sadly, I can't do those things with you.  I wish someone could.  I just wish I knew that someone was taking good care of you.   You deserve so much more than what you've been given baby boy.  No human deserves to be locked away and wasted in a crib.  No one deserves that, but especially sweet little boys like you.     I know that there is a special family out there for you and I will stop at nothing to find them.  They'll come for you and they will rescue!  Until then I will pray and pray my hardest and try my hardest to play my part in your life and spread your name to all the people I can!  You won't be there much longer. <3

Jesus loves you Mick boy.  And I love you.  Forever and always.  You're a diamond in the rough but hold tight!  You'll make it!    I promise.  <3