Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Decor Clips for Mick

I have a special little something that my sister and I worked on this week to help bring in a little more money for Mick's Angel Tree.  He currently is at the $300 mark, which is simply amazing!!   I'm hoping and praying that we can reach $500!

So these little decorations clip onto your Christmas tree and anywhere else you would like to clip them :)

We're making custom families also.  Send me a photograph of your family and you'll get all of them hand painted in time for Christmas.   (, email me) 

***When you make a $10 donation you will get to chose five clips that you'll receive FREE in the mail!  No shipping charge!  Just EMAIL ME @ with your address and the amount you donated. :) ***

                                                                Little Gingerbread men 


Santa Clause

Mary, Jesus and Joseph (Wise men available)  

Disney Princesses. Ariel, Cinderella, Brave, Sofia the First, Belle (Some still being finished.)

And these are future Disney princesses coming, they're being finished.
(Princess and the Frog, Frozen, Tangled, Sleeping Beauty, Frozen, Pocahontas)  

You can also request clips that you'd like to be made.  

Order fast so you can get them on your tree soon! :) 

Email me: 

Mick Angel Tree Link (Place to make donation) 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

40 People Donate $5 = $500 for Mick Before December!!!!!

Hey everyone!  I'm super pumped for this little event, and by little I hope it's a HUGE turn out!    Mick is currently at $306 in his Angel Tree account.   That's SO CLOSE to being half way there!  We just need $200 more to meet the half way mark!

And as you read in the title, the goal of this post is to reach $500 before December!  I know it's not much time at all, only 7 days as of right now.   BUT.  My God is a big God and if it's His will, we'll reach that goal!

I will already tell you, I don't have a giant gift to give you in return for helping, I can't really give you anything, but please continue reading......

Mick's Story..

Mick a 3 year old orphan with Down syndrome.  Sadly there really isn't much more to tell.  Other than he is located in eastern Europe and has never felt love before in his life.    It's all okay though, that's where you come in!  You change this story.  By donating a small donation of $5 or more, you'll be making a huge difference in Mick's life.  Because your donation goes into his adoption grant which will help his future forever family adopt him much faster and easier.  Adoptions can cost anywhere from $13,000-$45,000 a child.      Angel Tree is an extremely big event for people like me that advocate for orphans on all year long.  The goal of Angel Tree is to raise $1,000 before Christmas Day for the child you've committed to being an Angel Tree Warrior for.

My child is precious little Mick.    I've been his prayer warrior since May 2013.  He's stolen a piece of my heart and nothing would give me more joy than to see him with A) a forever family by next Christmas and B) have $500 in his Angel Tree.  

How can I help? 

click here to visit his official Reece's Rainbow profile, there you can make a donation of what amount you'd like to!   (Please comment onto this post and let me know you donated!  I would absolutely love to thank you.)

What do I do to help in another way? 

I need every single person that reads this post to share my facebook page or blog!!  Email it, tweet it, instagram it, I don't care, whatever works!   This will spread Mick's name everywhere and help his forever family find him faster!


Make you sure you are praying for Mick.  Being so far away from someone I love so much, yet have never met, is tough!  You can't take care of them, you can't send them presents so the only way I can help him psychically is to pray that God will provide and protect him.   Prayer is POWERFUL and God is listening.
God made Mick and knows his story from beginning to end.  His love NEVER fails.  EVER.   So please pray that God will guide his forever family to find him SOON. :)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for helping Mick.  I really can't describe my appreciation through words to you.  Just the thought of one donation from you is bringing me on the verge of tears.    

Thank you....for giving an orphan a Christmas he'll hopefully one day know about. <3 

Facebook Page:

Reece's Rainbow Profile:

My email:

Friday, November 22, 2013

$306 & Thankful..

Oh my goodness!  Here's a post I honestly wasn't sure that I would ever be writing!   But yet again, God has shown his never failing love and grace on both Mick and I.   This week we reached $306 for Angel Tree!!  I'm still in shock!  This is the best feeling in the world!  Everyday, I pray that if it's God's will that he'll do something big for Mick, something special and if today is the day, his forever family will find him.  Though today wasn't the day his forever family would find him, God did do something big!  We reached another goal!  $300!!!!   And just as I said in the $202 post, if this is all I raise for him, if this is all he's meant to have from Angel Tree, I will smile and praise God for this incredible blessing!  I will be thankful for all the amazingly generous people that have helped me reach this point for Mick.  Without kindhearted people that have a love for Mick, none of this would ever be possible.   I certainly couldn't have gotten this far on my own.  God provides.  He really does. SO many people have helped make this possible and I'm not even sure I will ever find the words to describe my gratefulness for each person.  <3 <3 <3

Let's try to reach $400 before December!  Go to and "LIKE" the page.  Then share a flyer going around.  My goal is to reach 100 shares, at least ;)   

                                                            (Flyer posted below)

I am excited to see what God has in store for Mick!  I have a feeling that this journey is only beginning! <3 

To donate to Mick's Angel Tree fund please visit the link below!

Friday, November 15, 2013

What's Going On

If you follow me on Mick's Facebook page then you probably know I've been doing a good bit of fundraisers recently.   I'm not completely sure that my blogger followers know all of what I'm doing so I decided it would be a great idea to make a little update post. :) '

So here's a list of the fundraisers and events going on right now!  

                                  Handmade Owls For Mick

Click on the name to look at the pages about them :)

$202 and My Wish For You

Dear Mick,

Oh sweet baby boy! I have big news!  You officially have $202 in your Angel Tree account!  I'm overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness! The Lord has blessed you and me SO much! <3 
We have $800 to go, but honestly, I'm not worried about how we'll get there! God's shown himself to be all around these fundraisers for you and He's brought so many people to come and help you so willingly and selfless.  It's incredible.  If this is all I raise for you than I will still smile and praise The Lord! 

I fail at finding words to describe the way I feel.  I'm so glad and incredibly blessed that I have this opputinty to be your Angel Tree Warrior this year.

Of course I want to raise the $1.000 for your adoption grant! But most of all I want to find your forever family. I pray every single  day that God will guide your forever family to you.  

Sweetheart, your like a son to me. I love you more than most could imagine. (Like some peope reading this on my blog , they think I'm crazy and immature) 
You aren't "just a photo" hanging on my wall. You're a big part of me now. And just like many of the orphans I've helped before, you little man have changed me.  I've learned to never give up, always keep hope and faith in God, and to be more grateful for the things I have in life.   You've never just need a face amount the  147,000,000 orphans in the world.  You always have and always will hold a very special piece of my heart. And if it's God's will, one day I will be able to scoop you up into my arms and kiss those adorable chubby last.  
And maybe one day I will have the chance to read these letters to you. You'll quickly learn that someone loved you so much when you were trapped and unloved in the orphanage. 

$202 isn't were I give up.  I'm going to continue to work on the auction, selling handmade items, Angel tree FB covers and more!  Whatever it takes, I'll do it for you.  

You're precious to me Mick baby. Remember that always. <3 

Monday, November 11, 2013

$200 Today Pie Challenge

I'm feeling courageous enough today to do a fun little challenge!  Mick currently has $130 in his Angel Tree. That's a huge blessing! I'm so grateful for every bit God's blessed me with.  
I want to reach $200 at least before midnight  so we're going to do a pie contest!  If we reach $200 or more before midnight I will have one or two of my 14 siblings shove a whipped creame pie in my face. I'll record it and post it on here of course, for all of you to see!  This should be a fun game!  If we reach $230 I'll put food coloring of your choice in the pie and it will more than likely dye my face! Haha! But it's ALL worth it to help Mick! :)    

To donate go to Mick's link below and donate there!

 Feel free to comment on this post or email/message me to let me know you've donated!  

Thank you and please share to help! 

Let's pray God will lead people to donate and we'll reach $200 +!! 



Sunday, November 10, 2013

Handmade Owls for Mick

Hello!  It's been too long since I posted.  And for good reasons.  I have been so busy fundraising and busy at home with my family and my precious new baby sister.   But I really haven't left Mick out!   Almost every ounce of my free time has went into making Facebook Covers for Reece's Rainoow | Angel Tree.   Which is absolutely wonderful because I currently have $130 raised for Mick.  Only $860 left! :)    And  if you're interested in getting one, check out my covers here.

My wonderful grandmother has blessed me with the donation of her time and talented work by making these lovely owls.     
Each owl will come with a little card with it's name and a personality paragraph to tell you a little bit more about them, :)  

Each one of these owls were handmade and there isn't one alike! 
My grandma (Grammy) made these for me to "sell" for donations for Mick.   I'm so grateful for all of her hard work!  These are seriously ADORABLE!  

For a $13 donation to my YouCaring account for Mick  you'll get to chose which of these three owls.  
If you want one I suggest you don't wait to order because there more than likely won't be anymore this year.  

These owls are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer for Christmas.  In this photo the owl is sitting in my hand
These were made by a perfectionist!  She doesn't want to make anything unless she makes it the best it could possibly be!  Everything will stay together and last for a long time! 

This one is the cutest most spunky little owl of the nest!  With her pretty soft pink ribbon feet and Hello Kitty pattern print she's sure to please any little girl!   

I think this little owl is my favorite!  He's so original with his eyes. Any child would love to have him!  

Each one of these owls are ready to take off and be at your front door for Christmas! So email me A@ to order yours.   :)