Monday, November 11, 2013

$200 Today Pie Challenge

I'm feeling courageous enough today to do a fun little challenge!  Mick currently has $130 in his Angel Tree. That's a huge blessing! I'm so grateful for every bit God's blessed me with.  
I want to reach $200 at least before midnight  so we're going to do a pie contest!  If we reach $200 or more before midnight I will have one or two of my 14 siblings shove a whipped creame pie in my face. I'll record it and post it on here of course, for all of you to see!  This should be a fun game!  If we reach $230 I'll put food coloring of your choice in the pie and it will more than likely dye my face! Haha! But it's ALL worth it to help Mick! :)    

To donate go to Mick's link below and donate there!

 Feel free to comment on this post or email/message me to let me know you've donated!  

Thank you and please share to help! 

Let's pray God will lead people to donate and we'll reach $200 +!! 



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