Friday, November 15, 2013

$202 and My Wish For You

Dear Mick,

Oh sweet baby boy! I have big news!  You officially have $202 in your Angel Tree account!  I'm overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness! The Lord has blessed you and me SO much! <3 
We have $800 to go, but honestly, I'm not worried about how we'll get there! God's shown himself to be all around these fundraisers for you and He's brought so many people to come and help you so willingly and selfless.  It's incredible.  If this is all I raise for you than I will still smile and praise The Lord! 

I fail at finding words to describe the way I feel.  I'm so glad and incredibly blessed that I have this opputinty to be your Angel Tree Warrior this year.

Of course I want to raise the $1.000 for your adoption grant! But most of all I want to find your forever family. I pray every single  day that God will guide your forever family to you.  

Sweetheart, your like a son to me. I love you more than most could imagine. (Like some peope reading this on my blog , they think I'm crazy and immature) 
You aren't "just a photo" hanging on my wall. You're a big part of me now. And just like many of the orphans I've helped before, you little man have changed me.  I've learned to never give up, always keep hope and faith in God, and to be more grateful for the things I have in life.   You've never just need a face amount the  147,000,000 orphans in the world.  You always have and always will hold a very special piece of my heart. And if it's God's will, one day I will be able to scoop you up into my arms and kiss those adorable chubby last.  
And maybe one day I will have the chance to read these letters to you. You'll quickly learn that someone loved you so much when you were trapped and unloved in the orphanage. 

$202 isn't were I give up.  I'm going to continue to work on the auction, selling handmade items, Angel tree FB covers and more!  Whatever it takes, I'll do it for you.  

You're precious to me Mick baby. Remember that always. <3 

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