Sunday, November 24, 2013

40 People Donate $5 = $500 for Mick Before December!!!!!

Hey everyone!  I'm super pumped for this little event, and by little I hope it's a HUGE turn out!    Mick is currently at $306 in his Angel Tree account.   That's SO CLOSE to being half way there!  We just need $200 more to meet the half way mark!

And as you read in the title, the goal of this post is to reach $500 before December!  I know it's not much time at all, only 7 days as of right now.   BUT.  My God is a big God and if it's His will, we'll reach that goal!

I will already tell you, I don't have a giant gift to give you in return for helping, I can't really give you anything, but please continue reading......

Mick's Story..

Mick a 3 year old orphan with Down syndrome.  Sadly there really isn't much more to tell.  Other than he is located in eastern Europe and has never felt love before in his life.    It's all okay though, that's where you come in!  You change this story.  By donating a small donation of $5 or more, you'll be making a huge difference in Mick's life.  Because your donation goes into his adoption grant which will help his future forever family adopt him much faster and easier.  Adoptions can cost anywhere from $13,000-$45,000 a child.      Angel Tree is an extremely big event for people like me that advocate for orphans on all year long.  The goal of Angel Tree is to raise $1,000 before Christmas Day for the child you've committed to being an Angel Tree Warrior for.

My child is precious little Mick.    I've been his prayer warrior since May 2013.  He's stolen a piece of my heart and nothing would give me more joy than to see him with A) a forever family by next Christmas and B) have $500 in his Angel Tree.  

How can I help? 

click here to visit his official Reece's Rainbow profile, there you can make a donation of what amount you'd like to!   (Please comment onto this post and let me know you donated!  I would absolutely love to thank you.)

What do I do to help in another way? 

I need every single person that reads this post to share my facebook page or blog!!  Email it, tweet it, instagram it, I don't care, whatever works!   This will spread Mick's name everywhere and help his forever family find him faster!


Make you sure you are praying for Mick.  Being so far away from someone I love so much, yet have never met, is tough!  You can't take care of them, you can't send them presents so the only way I can help him psychically is to pray that God will provide and protect him.   Prayer is POWERFUL and God is listening.
God made Mick and knows his story from beginning to end.  His love NEVER fails.  EVER.   So please pray that God will guide his forever family to find him SOON. :)

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for helping Mick.  I really can't describe my appreciation through words to you.  Just the thought of one donation from you is bringing me on the verge of tears.    

Thank you....for giving an orphan a Christmas he'll hopefully one day know about. <3 

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