Sunday, November 10, 2013

Handmade Owls for Mick

Hello!  It's been too long since I posted.  And for good reasons.  I have been so busy fundraising and busy at home with my family and my precious new baby sister.   But I really haven't left Mick out!   Almost every ounce of my free time has went into making Facebook Covers for Reece's Rainoow | Angel Tree.   Which is absolutely wonderful because I currently have $130 raised for Mick.  Only $860 left! :)    And  if you're interested in getting one, check out my covers here.

My wonderful grandmother has blessed me with the donation of her time and talented work by making these lovely owls.     
Each owl will come with a little card with it's name and a personality paragraph to tell you a little bit more about them, :)  

Each one of these owls were handmade and there isn't one alike! 
My grandma (Grammy) made these for me to "sell" for donations for Mick.   I'm so grateful for all of her hard work!  These are seriously ADORABLE!  

For a $13 donation to my YouCaring account for Mick  you'll get to chose which of these three owls.  
If you want one I suggest you don't wait to order because there more than likely won't be anymore this year.  

These owls are the perfect size for a stocking stuffer for Christmas.  In this photo the owl is sitting in my hand
These were made by a perfectionist!  She doesn't want to make anything unless she makes it the best it could possibly be!  Everything will stay together and last for a long time! 

This one is the cutest most spunky little owl of the nest!  With her pretty soft pink ribbon feet and Hello Kitty pattern print she's sure to please any little girl!   

I think this little owl is my favorite!  He's so original with his eyes. Any child would love to have him!  

Each one of these owls are ready to take off and be at your front door for Christmas! So email me A@ to order yours.   :) 

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