Saturday, October 12, 2013

One Big Step

My gorgeous baby sister, Victoria. 
Hello.  I'm back!  It feels like I've disappeared off the face of blogging world for weeks, but it's only the truth.   I have been extremely busy with my family over the last 3 weeks.   2 weeks ago today, my beautiful baby sister was born.  She had low blood sugar and had to be put into the NICU.  That following Wednesday night she arrived home for the first time, where her 14 older brothers and sisters all met her for the very first time.   On that Friday, the baby, Victoria, had a check up to see how her blood sugar was doing.  Her blood sugar was good, but now she was losing weight.  Her formula was going right through her.  The doctor put her on another kind of formula.  The next day, Saturday, she had to go back to see if she had improved.   Sadly she had lost more weight and was admitted to the hospital immediately.   They put her on a feeding tube for a couple days then slowly started feeding her a very special kind of formula, and finally on Wednesday my gorgeous baby sister was able to come home.  Exactly where she is right now. :)

During that time I was busy helping out around the house, I'm kind of the main babysitter, along with my two sisters that are near my age.  

With that being said, I've had very little time to get on the computer, much less blog.  I haven't stopped trying to raise money for Mick though.  I actually got to the fabulous amount of $100!!   Ahh!!  Such a huge step!!  Only $900 to go!  God has certainly blessed me.   I just want to thank every single person who has been praying for Mick.  And thank you to those who donated!  I'm so grateful for everyone's blessings to Mick.  I am so happy that I have reached $100 already!  Usually I don't get much more than that.  I am just overwhelmed with happiness when I think of all the kind people who are doing such wonderful things for "my" little man, Mick. :)

As of now I am making custom Facebook Timeline covers, and blogger backgrounds for just a $5 donation to Mick's Angel Tree fund, which is currently on my YouCaring account.

If you don't need or want one of those you can always purchase a piece of the puzzle.  PLEASE check it out!  I personally think it's one of the funnest fundraisers ever!   Check out the Puzzle Fundraiser, right here.  

I'm coming up with more fundraisers soon!  Now that life is slowly beginning to settle back into the "normal", I'll be able to plan much more!

Please keep Mick in your thoughts and prayers,  And feel free to share this blog!  It's so helpful and free!  So why not?! ;)  

Again I cannot tell you how incredibly grateful I am for all of your generosity!  You are truly helping save a precious life.

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