Friday, January 3, 2014

Mick's Angel Tree Miracle!

After endless praying, fundraising, writing and more at just a week or so before Christmas Mick's Angel Tree was at a grand $500 plus!   My personal goal for Angel Tree this year.  I was overjoyed with happiness to have accomplished such an amazing thing for "my" sweet Mick!     With no other fundraisers planned (or time to hold any) and my busy before Christmas schedule I decided to stop my Angel Tree fundraising there.  I was so pleased and grateful for the AMAZING $500.   Considering this was my very first time fundraising on my own for anything the amount was more than I could have dreamed it would be!  The Lord answered my prayers and I was so pleased and content. 

Just days ago the founder of ReecesRainbow,org posted on their Facebook page that explaining how she couldn't understand why Mick was so overlooked.  I felt so guilty for not raising more money and trying harder at Angel Tree.  I love him so much.  More than anyone could ever imagine loving someone they've never met.  Angel Tree was almost over and I knew there wasn't much else I could do, but pray my heart out.  And that's what I did.   I cried to my God and asked him to do something big and wonderful for Mick.  
And God heard my cry, answering it in a way I could have only DREAMED of.   

I discover that someone has generously donated $400 plus to Mick's Angel Tree!!!   I was blown away and in complete shock!  I never ever EVER thought that would happen! I'm still thinking this is some crazy amazing dream!!   Mick is now at $952 in ANGEL TREE!!    

I have said it before and I will say it again, I believe in miracles!!!   God has never failed me.  Especially when it comes to situations in advocating for orphans.  Over the years of advocating I have witnessed more and more miracles.  God listens and hears our cries.   He's a loving, caring, forgiving God. And He is Father to the fatherless.    I know without a doubt that without God Mick and me wouldn't have gotten very far.  Everything that has happened has been through the grace of God.   He lives and He loves Mick forever and always.    

The Reece's Rainbow family are blown away by how he came up near the top out of no where.  And I smile, there's a person that God put in Mick's life that loves him enough to donate such incredible amounts to make him reach his goal.  I thank God for that special person and all the rest that have helped this Angel Tree be a HUGE blessing to his adoption fund!  This will help his forever family adopt him faster and easier!  A LOT of help!    

This is one day and event in my life I will never forget!   Please pray that God will guide Mick's forever family to find him SOON!!!!   <3 

If you would like to help Mick reach $1,000 before Angel Tree officially ends please click on the link below.
(Reece's Rainbow takes out a small percent of the donation to put towards the Voice of Hope fund, this is the reason he's not yet at the $1,000 mark) 



  1. You worked your tail off for Mick girl! You did great :). Its also humbling and wonderful knowing how much God does and how little we do? I had a similar thing happen with my Asher - someone donated $1000 to him at the last minute! And it was no one I knew. Humbling because it was all God and wonderful to know that someone else loved him too! I hope you will join me next year for AT :).

  2. I don't understand why no one has chosen him either.... he's got the chubbiest cheeks!!! Someone needs to get that baby boy out and eat him up with kisses. Awesome job on raising the funds!! You done good!!