Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear Mick Baby

Hello sweet boy!  I look at your picture tonight and all I want to do is kiss your chubby little cheeks!  You are so hungry for love.  My desire is to go to you and give it to you!  If I was old enough and married I would make you my son.  You are everything anyone could ever want in a son.   I mean you are literally the cutest boy!  You remind me so much of my baby brother Andrew.  He's my buddy and little best friend.  I would love for you to be my little brother but I know that can't happy sadly.   So I will just advocate you and find your forever family with the help of our Heavenly Father.   He made you special and has big plans for you!  You're going to shine one day!  I can feel it!

I'm going to start a keepsake box for you soon and I'm very excited to do so!  :)  I'm also going to get your picture printed out soon and find a frame. :)  

I love you little man, stay strong.  You're worth everything in the world to God, me and your mommy who is out there somewhere...

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